Laura Werlin
Grilled Cheese, Please! 50 Scrumptiously Cheesy Recipes
Mar 2011
Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC

Every American has a particular grilled cheese sandwich—it’s the sandwich of our childhood, family kitchens, and favorite memories. But these days who can admit aloud that all they want is a Kraft single on white bread? For those who crave their childhood favorites but don’t want to lose face, Laura Werlin has a solution, or 50. By Europe-izing the American staple with Mediterranean ingredients she cleverly cloaks our favorite comfort food in style. After all, what are burrata, prosciutto, and sautéed pepperoni if not a grown-up’s answer to a BLT?

Deborah Krasner
Good Meat: The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat
Sep 2010
Stewart, Tabori, & Chang

Deborah Krasner offers an unsentimental perspective on a hot button issue with this book on the complete process of preparing sustainable meat. Each chapter, simply titled after a specific type of meat, covers pasturing or raising the animal, understanding the anatomy by cut, and cooking the meat. She writes candidly about the unsavory facets of sourcing such as the slaughtering process and how to name animals you know you will eventually serve. Serene pictures of a cow and her calf are bluntly paired with photographs of breaking down a shank of beef. Looking at the animal as both a living creature and a food product isn’t necessarily pleasant, but it’s honest. You might find yourself coming to terms with mortality at breakneck speed when you start reading the recipes: nothing is off limits, including (naturally) off-cuts.

Kim Boyce with Amy Scattergood
Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours
Mar 2010
Stewart, Tabori, & Chang

Kim Boyce’s revelatory cookbook on whole grains pairs a wide range of whole grain flours by flavor profiles and textures to appropriate (and tempting) recipes. Amaranth, for example, “pairs very well with strong-flavored sweeteners like honey … as they temper the boldness of the flour without masking its flavor.” The recipes that follow meld the sophisticated palates of seasoned professionals (Boyce counts Nancy Silverton and Sherri Yard among her mentors) with a maternal hominess. She elevates simple dishes like muffins, pancakes, and cookies with unusual flavor profiles—waffles are spiced with ginger, carrot, orange, and corn-flour; bran muffins enlivened by amaranth, molasses, and dried fruit. Whether your goal is to broaden the flavor range of your pastry program or lure a more health-minded customer base, Boyce’s insights on whole-grain pastry will be a great asset.

Al Brown
Go Fish: Recipes and Stories from the New Zealand Coast
Jan 2010
Random House

For Al Brown, chef by trade and lifelong fisherman by avocation, "to catch a fish and then cook it, as simple as it may sound, brings me more gratification than almost anything else." In Go Fish, Brown collects his passion for the treasures of the briny deep into a colorful, heartfelt compendium of recipes, practical tips, and personal stories that span decades of fishing, cooking, and eating. Brown generously shares his idiosyncratic and highly personal relationship with fishing, giving readers a sense of ownership and responsibility similar to what he himself learned as a young boy. After an introduction recounting his first formative muddy days of creek-side eel fishing to his first experience of fishing in the sea, Brown delves into dishes that feature New Zealand's best and lesser-known species. And the chef's philosophy of cooking as simply as possible, which he practices daily at Wellington's Logan Brown, allows the unadulterated purity of the fish to shine through in every dish, making this cookbook as much a regional representation of New Zealand seafood as cooking guide. With sophisticated recipes that encourage experimentation and flexibility, as well as tips that distill not only practical but cultural savvy, Go Fish acts like a literary initiation into the rich tradition and culinary culture of New Zealand fishing.

Joe David
Gourmet Getaways: 50 Top Spots to Cook and Learn
Jan 2010
GPP Travel

Joe David has done his fair share of traveling and eating, and this, his fifth book, is a testament to his skill and passion as a culinary traveler. For Gourmet Getaways, David has traveled the country in search of vacations for the foodies among us. Rather than simply eating crab poolside at a resort, David’s getaways put culinary adventurers like himself into the kitchen of some of the country’s most interesting and diversified culinary schools. From the Northeast to the Southwest and everywhere in between, David has scoured the countryside for culinary school programs to pique a variety of cooking interests and skill levels. Heavy-hitters like the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park offer a one-day boot camp, taught by actual staff, for a taste of the CIA experience, or a five-day program for those interested in learning the fundamentals of classic cuisine. But David’s recommendations go well beyond the marquee stars of culinary school. Blair House Inn Cooking School in idyllic Wimberly, Texas offers a fun, pleasure-filled foray into the basics of cooking, with six or seven main techniques anchoring the three and five-day class programs, while Chef Hugh Carpenter’s Camp Napa Culinary program offers travelers a hands-on experience of culinary bounty of Napa—transcending the typical tourist experience. Background on each school’s philosophy, complete with course descriptions, sample recipes, and staff biographies will help the wanderlust-ing foodie or vacationing chef choose which program is right for them.

Jason Atherton
Gordon Ramsay’s Maze
Oct 2009
Key Porter Books

Ferran Adria introduces Chef Jason Atherton, “a magnificent cook,” in a brief but warm forward to this cookbook distillation of Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin-starred London outpost Maze. Working under the likes of Adria and UK culinary powerhouse Ramsay, Atherton developed his own imaginative approach to cuisine that is both ambitious and firmly rooted in fundamentals. In Maze, Atherton showcases the restaurant’s award-winning menu that combines Eastern and Western elements (e.g. Wagyu beef, ras el hanout, Scottish salmon, preserved lemons) for a modern upscale take on tapas. The cookbook is built as a sort of inverse pyramid, with recipes (in categories “Savory” and “Sweet”) straight from the restaurant menu at the top, followed by two recipes that use the same central protein or flavor profile in more casual preparations. With only this brief foray into the back kitchen of Maze, the success of the restaurant, and Chef Atherton’s proven potential, become immediately and stunningly apparent.

Pamela Sheldon-Johns
Gelato! Italian Ice Creams, Sorbetti and Granite
May 2008
Ten Speed Press

With the new ice cream machines available and Sheldon-John's detailed instructions and 60 recipes, gelato lovers will finally be able to satisfy their craving for Italy's most beloved dessert without even leaving home. Lower in fat than American-style ice cream and easier to make, homemade gelato is the perfect antidote for those who find themselves longing for the taste of summer in Italy.

A.J. Rathbun
Good Spirits: Recipes, Revelations, Refreshments, and Romance, Shaken and Served with a Twist
Oct 2007
The Harvard Common Press

Mixologist and Poet A.J. Rathbun (also senior editor for the Kitchen & Housewares store on fills this gargantuan book with 450 cocktails—some classic but many outrageous originals—designed to capture the humor, livelihood and camaraderie that accompany the art of the drink. Rathbun divides the book into 12 playful chapters, each aptly named according to its respective theme: “Turning Up the Heat” features drinks like Hot Whiskey Punch and French Chocolate for the winter months, and “Pacifying a Crowd,” offers pitcher drink recipes for rowdy customers (i.e. American Punch and Harvest Bowl). Tips, colorful anecdotes and historical facts are included with every cocktail, along with a wide range of pointers—from making your own liquor and glassware selections, to spotlights on lesser-known liqueurs. Also interspersed throughout the book, you’ll find the top four bars in the country for a French 75 and “Random Excuses for a Party.”

Gordon Ramsay with Roz Denny
Gordon Ramsay: A Chef for All Seasons
Aug 2005
Ten Speed Press

Gordon Ramsay has become the celebrity chef of the moment with his imaginative interpretations of classic British food at his eponymous London restaurant. His new cookbook showcases his signature dishes, and as the title suggests, highlights his infatuation with the seasonal produce of the English countryside. While some of the recipes seem repetitive his unpretentious cooking looks earthy and flavorful, and unlike the overly complex recipes in many celebrity-chef tomes many of Ramsay dishes can be replicated in the home kitchen.

Hi Soo Shin Hepinstall
Growing Up in a Korean Kitchen: A Cookbook
Mar 2004
Ten Speed Press

Part memoir and part cookbook, this is one woman's cultural and culinary story, weaving childhood reminiscences with lovingly gathered recipes. With descriptions of the traditional Korean kitchen, preparations for special feast days, and the rituals of everyday family meals, author Hi Soon Shin Hepinstall draws an engaging portrait of a seldom glimpsed way of life.

Rachael Ray
Get Togethers : Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals
Dec 2003
Lake Isle Press

Rachael Ray, the popular host of "30-Minute Meals" and "$40 a Day" seen daily on the TV Food Network, puts the fun back into entertaining with this exciting collection of recipes, all designed to feed a crowd or smaller gathering in 30 minutes or less. Using her trademark free-hand style of cooking and readily available ingredients, Rachael makes "having people over" seem effortless. She offers helpful cooking and organizing tips throughout. When it comes to entertaining, Rachael believes that less is more. Keep it simple, and you will enjoy your own party more. Her recipes will make you look "way cool."

Carole Walter
Great Cookies : Secrets to Sensational Sweets
Nov 2003
Crown Publishing Group

2004 IACP Award Winner for Bread, Other Baking and Sweets Category; Carole Walter, the author of the award-winning Great Cakes and Great Pies and Tarts, now draws on her skills as a master baker and the knowledge she's gained through years of teaching to help novices and old-hands alike bake the perfect cookie every time. Great Cookies is the ultimate compendium of everyone's favorite treat, packed with 200 incomparable recipes, 150 tantalizing full-color photographs, and expert tips and techniques.

Nadia Roden
Granita Magic : Rediscovering the Pleasure of Ices in more than 50 Grown-Up Recipes
Jun 2003
Artisan Publishers

Granita Magic is a collection of innovative sweet and savory sensations that can be made with just a fork, a saucepan, and a little spare space in the freezer. And they can be served at any time of the day. Light, easy, flavor-intense granitas are a great way to begin, refresh, or end any meal. Here's the first book of recipes for this glittering icy treat.

Michael Stroot
Golden Door Cooks Light & Easy : Delicious Recipes from America's Premier Spa
May 2003
Gibbs Smith

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Health and Special Diet Category; "Sound nutrition is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle," writes Michel Stroot, and he should know. As the executive chef at southern California's famed Golden Door Spa, he has perfected the art of conscious cooking and nourishment and now shares over 150 of his unique and delicious recipes in Golden Door Cooks Light and Easy. The Golden Door Spa is one of America's most exclusive holistic wellness retreats, and the celebration of food-from garden to table-is a cornerstone of the spa's "simplicity is luxury" ideology.

Suzy Bales
Garden Parties
Apr 2003
Crown Publishing Group

The garden is the ideal setting for a party, whether it's a romantic dinner under a rose arbor, a relaxed lunch amid wildflowers, or a fun-filled child's birthday party in a vegetable patch. Suzy Bales presents eight distinctively themed get-togethers in Garden Parties, complete with tempting menus and clever ways of using the garden's natural beauty and bounty to enhance each theme.

Lewis, Edna and Peacock, Scott
Gift of Southern Cooking : Recipes and Revelations from Two Great Southern Cooks
Apr 2003
Knopf Publishing Group

2004 James Beard Award Nominee and 2004 IACP Award Nominee Edna Lewis—whose The Taste of Country Cooking has become an American classic—and Alabama-born chef Scott Peacock join forces in this remarkable collection of 225 recipes and reflections on Southern food. What makes this book unique is that it represents the blending of different styles of Southern cooking: Miss Lewis's Virginia country cooking and Scott's Alabama foods, liberally seasoned with Native American, Caribbean, and African influences, as well as neglected traditional recipes that the two cooks, in their years of research together, unearthed and made their own.

Constance Snow
Gulf Coast Kitchens : Bright Flavors from Key West to the Yucatán
Apr 2003
Crown Publishing Group

2004 IACP Award Winner for American Category; A journey to the source of some of the most tantalizing and delicious foods in the world--the 3,00 mile coastline stretching from Florida to Louisiana and on to Texas and the Yucatan. A recipes-filled, anecdote-rich road map to good times and great food, this volume conveys all the flavors and hospitality of the region. The 200 recipes, whether for classic dishes or innovative variations, can all be prepared easily by the home cook.

Patrick Dillon
Gin: The Much-Lamented Death of Lady Geneva: the 18th Century Gin Craze
Feb 2003
Justin, Charles & Company Publishers

"Gin is both a vividly drawn excursion into the gin-soaked underworld of eighteenth-century London and a vivid recreation of an event which shaped our modern attitudes to alcohol: this is potent stuff."

Douglas Rodriguez
Great Ceviche Book
Jan 2003
Ten Speed Press

Ever the innovator, Douglas Rodriguez was the first American chef to give ceviche the attention it deserves, creating such signature dishes as Spicy Shrimp Ceviche with Popcorn and the decadent Squid Ceviche in Black Ink Sauce. In The Great Ceviche Book, Rodriguez presents over 50 traditional and contemporary recipes, as well as extensive information on ingredient basics, food safety issues, and suggestions for pairing ceviche with other dishes.

Andrea Immer
Great Tastes Made Simple: Extraordinary Food and Wine pairings for Every Palate
Oct 2002
Broadway Books

The author of Great Wine Made Simple takes the mystery out of pairing food with wine and makes it easy to choose the best wines to accompany everything from barbecue to rack of lamb. Hundreds of wine and food pairing suggestions are highlighted by superb wine-friendly recipes.

James Peterson
Glorious French Food : A Fresh Approach to the Classics
Sep 2002
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

2003 James Beard Award Winner! Mediterranean Category; His award-winning books have won the praise of The New York Times and Gourmet magazine as well as such culinary luminaries as chefs Daniel Boulud, Jeremiah Tower, and Alice Waters. Now James Peterson brings his tremendous stores of culinary knowledge, energy, and imagination to this fresh and inspiring look at the classic dishes of French cuisine.

Freddy Girardet
Girardet : Recipes from a Master of French Cuisine
Aug 2002
Ten Speed Press

During the heady glory days of haute cuisine in the 1970s, gourmands from around the world dined at fine restaurants in Paris, Lyons, Roanne, and other parts of France. Yet another illustrious culinary destination was located in a renovated town hall in a village outside of Lausanne, Switzerland, where Frédy Girardet was creating sublime French cuisine to international acclaim, earning three Michelin stars. Chef Girardet entered semiretirement in 1996, and now, 20 years after the publication of his landmark first cookbook, the eagerly anticipated second book has arrived. Over 100 classic recipes are presented, including signature dishes with such classic Girardet ingredients as foie gras, truffles, and citrus.

Diane Kochilas
Glorious Foods of Greece: Traditional Recipes from the Islands, Cities, and Villages
Apr 2001
HarperCollins Publishers

An extraordinary culinary and historical tour, this comprehensive, beautifully evocative cookbook draws a lovely, detailed portrait of a culture in which food is revered for nourishment, necessity, and pleasure. Covering everything from the rich mountain cooking of Epirus, Roumeli, and Thessaly, to the inventive cuisine of the sparse, dry Greek isle, The Glorious Foods of Greece offers more than 400 recipes drawn from generations of Greek cooking that use every native ingredient––including fowl, grains, cheese, greens, seafood, grapes, and olives--that can be prepared by home cooks.

Gary Ibsen with Joan Nielsen
Great Tomato Book
Jul 1999
Ten Speed Press

The founder of the renowned TomatoFest celebration provides a juicy delight of a book that gives history and cultivation information for such sweet delights as Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter.

Nan Lyons
Gluttony: More is More
Jun 1999
Red Rock Press

Yes, you CAN eat gold and Nan Lyons writes delightful of those who have. So join the celebration and invite a friend. The author unmasks junk-food junkies, gleefully revealing both what genuine royals and Hollywood princes and princes really eat---thus finding soul mates for anyone who ever polished off a midnight pint of ice cream. This book is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys food.

Susan Wyler, Michael McLaughlin
Great Books for Cooks
May 1999
Random House Publishing Group

"A lifetime is not long enough to enjoy all the marvelous books that have been written about food and cooking," say Susan Wyler and Michael McLaughlin. But their trenchant, trustworthy index detailing five hundred great books for cooks will certainly help you choose from the most appetizing selection. Here are cookbooks of every variety.
If you're an experienced chef, a novice cook wishing to explore new worlds of cuisine, or even a stranger to your own kitchen, Great Books for Cooks will fire you with new culinary zest. Finding the right cookbook can make all the difference.

Bernard, Francoise; Ducasse, Alain
Good Cuisine
Jun 1902
Ici La Press

Francoise Bernard and Alain Ducasse make for an unusual, yet highly complimentary culinary pairing. Francoise Bernard is the author of one of the touchstones of French cooking, Les Recettes Faciles, which has inspired generations of cooks. She continues to reach millions of her countrywomen with her message of economical, simple cooking via her television appearances. Alain Ducasse is a master chef and restauranteur know the world over for his three star Michelin restaurants in Paris and Monaco, and for the extraordinary experience he offers those who dine at Ducasse in Manhattan. They move in different spheres, yet are heirs to a common culinary tradition.