All Up In Your Grill

by Emily Jacobs
Peden + Munk
July 2013

Bon Appétit - edited by Adam Rapoport

Difficulty Level:
Accomplished Home Cooks



Grill Prep


Burgers & Dogs







Flatbreads & Pizza

Sides & Salads


Sauces and Rubs

A Few Select Recipes:
Char Siu Lamb Chaps: Hoisin and Chinese Five-spice rubbed Lamb Ribs
Scallops and Nectarines with Corn and Tomato Salad and Basil Purée

The Grilling Book

The phrase “fire up the grill” is enough to set taste buds aflame. Just the thought of charred grill marks sparks a primal, carnivorous frenzy in all of us. With the anticipatory drooling for lip-smacking, finger licking ’cue, don’t risk a brisket or baby back melt down. To get the char just right, home cooks and chefs alike can turn to Bon Appétit’s definitive guide: The Grilling Book.

With more than 380 recipes culled from 50 years of magazine publishing, this barbecue bible is broken down by protein (including a whole chapter dedicated to burgers and dogs) and includes sections on vegetables, flatbreads, rubs, and sauces. A grilling party wouldn’t be complete without cocktails, and, lucky for us, there’s a section dedicated to drinks and even sides like salads and summer succotash. But don’t plan on finding any desserts (guess they haven’t figured out a recipe for grilled ice cream).

The informative introductory pages walk you through how to choose and prepare a grill (charcoal or gas), a great starting point for any novice. It quickly progresses to offer more information on temperature control, cooking with direct and indirect heat, wood chips, equipment, and proper seasoning.

From Malaysian Chicken Wings with Turmeric and Lemongrass to Adobo-marinated Hanger Steak, the recipes cover the spectrum of grilling with international flare. Don’t miss the good, old-fashioned staples like Best Ever Barbecued Ribs and All-American Barbecued Chicken. And look out for how-to guides that are sprinkled between chapters, with advice on setting up your grill as a smoker and grilling on cedar planks.

The Grilling Book is a clear and easy-to-read resource covering everything you need to know about firing up the grill. Whether sticking to basics with comfort food favorites, or feeling adventurous enough to discover new techniques, this textbook-style book will surely lead you to summer grilling success.