Colorado Knife & Shaker Award Winners Elliot Strathmann and Cindhura Reddy of Spuntino

Husband and wife duo Elliot Strathmann and Cindhura Reddy
Husband and wife duo Elliot Strathmann and Cindhura Reddy

StarChefs recognizes harmony between the kitchen and bar with the Knife & Shaker Award, presented by Bombay Sapphire. The award celebrates a chef-bartender duo that exemplifies collaboration and unity between front and back of house. 

Elliot Strathmann, half of Denver's Spuntino, heads a bar complete with a house amaro program that's made quite an impact on the cocktail menu. To pair with Reddy's dish of saffron cavatelli, braised lamb, garlic breadcrumbs, and chile threads, Strathmann broke out a bottle of the Liquore allo Zafferano, a house made saffron liquer inspired by the couple's trips to Abbruzo. 

“The subtle integration of saffron is a common thread (or filament, hah!) between Cindhura’s cavatelli and the cocktail," says Strathmann. "Both the dish and cocktail at first offer familiar, comforting experiences that could easily belie the amount of work behind each: the pasta is hand-cranked, and there’s a two-plus day cooking process for the lamb. The cocktail incorporates our liquore allo zafferano (with origins in Abruzzo) made with botanicals my wife and I grow together, and takes no less than five weeks to make" 

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