Testimonials from the Fifth Annual Chefs Congress, or "How I Spent My 2010 ICC"

Testimonials from the Fifth Annual Chefs Congress, or "How I Spent My 2010 ICC"

Chef Makoto Okuwa It was such an honor to be part of the team this year to present. I had such a blast at all the workshops and events. Every year I attend ICC, I get so inspired by how greatly StarChefs has grown. I hope that someday I can give back to you guys for all that you have done for me and the other chefs as well. I can't wait until next year's congress!

--Makoto Okuwa, Sashi

Chef Jordan Kahn I would like to thank you and your team for putting on another amazing congress. I would also like to specially thank you for allowing me to do a main stage demo without really knowing what I was going to be doing. I know it was tough to give me the green light while I kept you in the dark, but I hope that now you understand the reason for my reluctance to give out details!

--Jordan Kahn, Red Medicine



What did you like most about the 5th Annual International Chefs Congress?

Being in a room with like minded chefs in invaluable. Sharing techniques in an open forum as well. The line-ups have been outstanding. I am sorry I missed ‘06.

--Dirk Flanigan, The Gage

Last year, as well as this year, I went to the business seminars lead by Antoinette. I'm struck by how open and comfortable the chefs and writers are able to act; there is a lot of information and fascinating advice passed around. The vendors also hand out some amazing samples!

--Rachel Bleiweiss-Sande, Jeffrey Steingarten/Vogue Magazine

Seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and being inspired by great chefs.

--Annie Goldberg, L’Espalier

There’s so much to learn. If I could I would have taken many more classes!

--Snir Eng-Sela, Commerce

Getting so many chefs together, that does not happen often enough. Usually we are cooking for everyone.

--Catherine Schimenti, Michael Mina

Being able to talk to the vendors and other participants, share views, concerns and ideas.

--Peggy Feudi, Foodies Catering Inc. & Foodie Events

Loved all the cocktail workshops and seminars. I was a judge for the Somm Slam, which was a great addition to the Congress. Dan Barber's talk about farming was very interesting. The company 100% Chefs booth was a lot of fun. Liquid nitro is something I have REALLY been wanting to play with on the bar. It was also great to see everyone I knew from other states and restaurants I have worked in.

--Sean McClure, Craft Restaurant

Getting to meet some of the best professionals of the industry!

--Guy Michaud, Georges V Services de traiteurs et banquets

Meeting chefs I have always admired, learning from all the presenters, [the] exposure to new techniques and ideas. Tasting and checking out new products. Learning about wines.

--Rocio Varela, Starwood Hotels/Sheraton Convention

For me was the best International Chefs Congress. I have been before, the organization and the chefs [chosen] to speak to the audience were first class. I can't wait to come back nest year.

--Iran Santos, Hotel OT, Brazil

As always, the camaraderie between chefs is the most amazing aspect. Giving a forum where chefs can meet and talk without pretense. The line-up was incredible.

--Chad Galiano, Paradigm Shift Marketing

The fact that the "celebrity" chefs walked around and gave everybody a chance to approach them and talk with them personally.

--Crystal Valcourt, Community Table