Cool Earth

The simple idea behind Cool Earth is that rainforests are worth much more to the human race left standing, helping to cool the planet, than they are cut down for timber or burnt to clear land for cattle ranching.

Cool Earth works with local rainforest communities to protect rainforest from being cut down. With our supporters, we make a difference by;

  • Only protecting rainforest that is in imminent danger and without our intervention would be cleared.
  • Protecting rainforest that forms a protective blockade for tens of thousands of acres of adjacent forest.
  • Working with local communities to make sure that they are best placed to protect the rainforest.
  • Making sure the money our individual sponsors give us goes directly to the rainforest. We spend less than 10% of our supporters' money on administration.
  • Protecting areas with high levels of biodiversity which store at least 260 tonnes of CO2 per acre.

Rainforest destruction is a massive contributor to climate change and yet every minute 100 acres of rainforest is cleared. If this continues it will not only have a devastating affect on our climate and water supplies but will threaten millions of species of plants and animals.

Here are some rainforest facts;

  • Rainforest destruction accounts for as many CO2 emissions as the USA - a staggering six billion tonnes each year.
  • 1.6 billion people depend on rainforests for their welfare and livelihoods, with 350 million of them living in rainforest communities.
  • Rainforests are made of carbon. When the forest is destroyed, this carbon is released as climate warming CO2.
  • The Amazon rainforest provides a 20% of the world’s fresh water as well as a fifth of the world’s oxygen.
  • Rainforests are critical to global weather systems acting as the world's thermostat.
  • Rainforests are home to two-thirds of all living animal and plant species on the planet, with hundreds of millions of species still undiscovered.
  • The forests are known as the “world’s pharmacy” because of their wealth of natural medicines and destroying them can destroy the chances of new breakthroughs in treatment.