Congress Eats at the 13th Annual Chefs Congress

Congress Eats at the 13th Annual Chefs Congress

Food Carts
Respect the Onion
Slice it, dice it, chop it, sweat it. Often singing backup in our favorite dishes, the onion is the star of the show on Day 1 of Congress Eats. We’ve enlisted five chefs to give the onion the platform it so well deserves.

Silvia Barban
LaRina Pastificio & Vino | Brooklyn
Brad Deboy | Ellē | Washington, DC
Leonard Hollander | Arbor | Chicago
Egg, onion jus and crispy bits

Vince Nguyen | Jolie Laide | Portland, OR
Caramelized onion ice cream

Matt Vawter | Mercantile | Denver
Creamed leek
budino, foraged mushroom, pickled pearl onion salad, everything onion ash crumble, smoked shallot jus

Respect the Egg
It’s often said the mark of a great chef is their ability to cook an egg. So on Day 2 of Congress Eats we’ve invited five incredible egg chefs to get crackin’ and take egg dishes to the next level.

Pete Coenen | Cherry Circle Room | Chicago
Scrambled eggs and caviar with a runny yolk
Danny Ganem | The Betsy | Miami
Cuban Molettes: Toasted English muffins with a chunky black bean puree, Black Forest or Cotto ham, sliced Gruyere cheese, crispy sweet plantain, cage-free sunny side up egg, and a cilantro sauce
Evan Hanczor | Egg | Brooklyn
Parnass Savang | Talat Market | Atlanta
Yum Kai Dao
Nathanial Zimet | Boucherie | New York
Turmeric egg pasta and cured egg yolk

Respect the Peppercorn
Black. Red. Green. Pink. White. Szechuan. Few spices are as ubiquitous and essential as the peppercorn. On Day 3 of Congress Eats, chefs selected from across the country will showcase the versatility and flavor of the marvelous, mentholated, piquant peppercorn.

David Bazirgan | Bambara | Cambridge, MA
Sea urchin custard and Sichuan peppercorn
Aaron Bludorn | Café Boulud | New York
Green Tomato Au Poivre: Green tomato, breaded on one side with black peppercorn breadcrumbs, green peppercorn sauce “Sauce Au
Poirve Vert”, parmesan breadcrumbs, pink peppercorns  
Brian Enyart | Dos Urban Cantina | Chicago
Braised mushrooms, black pepper and hoja santa, herb tamal, roasted garlic
Fiasche | Tempesta Market | Chicago
Peppercorn Sausage 
Juliann Stoddart | Parkside Projects | Austin
Tarta Di Santiago: Pink peppercorn whip, and cherry black pepper


Made in France, Made with Love
Presented by the French Ministry of Agriculture

Whether it’s wine, luxury ingredients like truffles and caviar, or staples like butter, cheese, and chocolate, French ingredients reflect an expression of terroir, traditional methodology, and artisanal savoir-faire. Come experience flavors, products, and stories in Made in France, Made with Love.


Nico Delaroque | Nico | San Francisco

Nicholas Elmi | Laurel | Philadelphia

Alexandre Gauthier | La Grenouillère | Madelaine-sous-Montreuil, France

Salvatore Martone | L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon | New York


Nespresso Single Origins Pop-Up
At Nespresso’s Single Origins Pop-up we’re
brunch’n all day. Starting at 10am, you’ll explore single origin coffees—from India, Guatemala, Brazil—paired with dishes from:


Justin Bazdarich | Oxomoco | Brooklyn

Giorgio Rapicavoli | Glass & Vine | Miami

Galen Zamarra | Glass & Vine | Miami

Chefs Counter
Presented by Kikkoman USA, Inc.

Stop by for a sip and bite, or linger awhile with some of StarChefs’ faves who reflect a spectrum of cultural influence. All will feature everyone’s favorite purveyor of umami, Kikkoman.   

Abe Conlon | Fat Rice | Chicago

Michael Gulotta | Maypop | New Orleans

Steve McHugh | Cured | San Antonio

Masa Urushido | Katana Kitten | New York


Art of Presentation Pop-Up Presented by Steelite International 

Chef Jason Liang | Brush Sushi Izakaya | Atlanta

Jason Liang specializes in Tokyo-style sushi and sashimi and spectacular omakase. He sources peak season seafood and coaxes out the best flavor and texture through aging, curing, marinating, torching, and smoking—ultimately making each sea creature taste more like itself.


Chef Carlo Lamagna | Magna | Portland, OR
Filipino Chef Carlo Lamagna will preview one of the most anticipated openings of 2019: Portland, Oregon’s Magna. Lamagna’s life’s work is to make Filipino cuisine mainstream, using his fine dining training, experience, travels, and work with chef comrades to create and promote a modern take on the food he grew up with. Come try Lamagna crispy kalderetang kambing (that’s goat, cured, confited, and seared with olives, potatoes, and rice).


Chef Jonathan Zaragoza | Birrieria Zaragoza | Chicago

At his family’s Chicago restaurant, Birrieria Zaragoza, Chef Jonathan Zaragoza is a keeper of Jalisco tradition, but as he tours the country for pop-ups and collaborations, he’s imparting his Mexico-meets-Archer-Heights perspective on the country’s evolving Mexican food scene. Grasshopper vinaigrette, anyone?


Chef Michael Fojtasek | Olamaie | Austin

Michael Fojtasek’s food is rooted in flavor memories inherited from his Tennessee grandmother, refined by time spent cooking at Per Se, and grounded by devotion to beautiful Texas product. He’ll bring downhome decadence to the Art of Presentation Pop-up.