2020 New York Rising Star Bartender Shannon Tebay of Death & Company

2020 New York Rising Star Bartender Shannon Tebay of Death & Company
November 2020

Death & Company
433 East 6th Street
New York, NY 10009



Shannon Tebay moved to New York City for its incredible art scene, but while studying at Hunter College, she found herself thinking more about where she wanted to eat and drink rather than the artwork. So Tebay left Hunter for the French Culinary Institute’s Master of Pastry Arts program. On the side, she picked up a hosting and serving gig at Death & Co, where she would one day become the head bartender. It was that first job in 2010 that showed her that cocktails mirrored her love for pastry: the chemistry, the precision, the exact duplication. 

From her serving gig, Joaquín Simó brought her over to be part of the opening staff of Pouring Ribbons in 2012 as a bartender, and Tebay worked her way up to general manager in 2013. She also combined her passions to partner with Jane Danger on Jane’s Sweet buns (now Proletariat), where they baked sticky buns based on classic cocktails. But with all her consulting, baking and managing, Tebay missed the bar. She followed Jim Kearns to Slowly Shirley, then moved on to The Happiest Hour. In 2017, Tebay came back to Death & Co and was promoted to head bartender two years later. Her drinks are rooted in simplicity and each constructed around one key flavor.