Chefs, Producers Take a Stand Against Fracking in New York State

by Nicholas Rummell
July 2012


Taste of the Marcellus: A Fundraiser to Fight Fracking in New York State


The Brooklyn Winery
213 North 8th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Thursday, July 26. The early bird discount ends July 16. VIP admission starts at 6pm, general admission at 7pm; the Ommegang after-party at Brooklyn Bowl will begin at 10pm

On July 26, New York City’s leading chefs, oenophiles, beer lovers, and the environmentally concerned will gather at Brooklyn Winery to eat good food, sip interesting wine, and—most importantly—raise funds against the industrialized gas extraction process known as fracking.

The leering prospect of fracking upstate has raised many New Yorkers’ hackles, but chefs in particular have been quick to oppose the practice, saying it will pollute precious farmland. Some chefs have even said they will boycott all produce and meat from those affected areas. The anti-fracking fundraiser will feature food made from product from the affected region, known as the Marcellus shale.

What the Frack?

Hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) is the use of chemicals and water, shot into crevasses at high pressures in order to extract natural gas. Some experts say a large gas deposit resides in the Marcellus shale region (which includes upstate New York and parts of Pennsylvania). Although most New York counties have passed moratoriums on fracking, some support the practice, saying it would bring jobs and money to their ailing local economies. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is considering a plan to allow five counties to use the practice.

Fracking proposals have driven many chefs from the affected areas and NYC to push for a moratorium on the potentially dangerous practice, with some saying they would no longer buy product from the affected area if fracking is allowed.

Fight the Frack

Join Chefs Michael Anthony, Bill Telepan, Zak Pelaccio, Chris Santos, and many others for a taste of food, beer, wine, and spirits (not gases) from the Marcellus region, all the while raising money to keep it fracking-free.

And for those who want to keep the anti-fracking party going, there’s an after-party at Brooklyn Bowl hosted by Ommegang brewery.

Purchase tickets or click here to sign the petition to Gov. Cuomo. Part of the proceeds for the event will go to New Yorkers Against Fracking, a coalition of anti-fracking organizations.