Rising Star Roaster Zayde Naquib of Bar Nine - Biography

Culver City, CA

April 2017

While Zayde Naquib worked post-production in the film and video industry, he found that he had a lot of free time to fill between projects. To make extra cash, Naquib picked up a job at a small café and was instantly hooked to hospitality and coffee. Learning how to operate a shop from the ground up, he spent the next three years at Plant Earth Eco Café in Hermosa Beach, followed by a position on the opening team of Two Guns Espresso. Finally, he was introduced to true specialty coffee at Espresso Cielo in Santa Monica. 

Naquib saved his tips for six months and to buy a sample roaster, and spent all his free time roasting at home. As he got the hang of roasting, he wrote a business plan, and found an investor in his next-door neighbor, Jereme Pitts. In 2014, Bar Nine Collective was born. Now a Culver City staple, Bar Nine’s roasting and extraction makes for a clean and sweet cup, with the majority of beans sources from Ninety Plus Coffee. Naquib is also committed to sustainability: the shop is partially solar-powered and serves to-go orders in glass jars. With innovations like nitrogen-flushed, pre-ground, and packaged coffee for use in hot brew, cold brew, ice brew, or concentrate formats, he and Bar Nine are changing the way we buy, brew, and enjoy coffee.