Pastry Chef Yusuke Aoki of Ritz Carlton Qatar - Biography

Doha, Qatar

September 2016

After graduating from Kyoto Pastry Art College, Yusuke Aoki began his pastry career in Tokyo, where, early on, he was exposed to the renowned fusion of French pastry with Japanese ingredients and technique. While working in the city’s French pastry boutiques, he began to develop his classic, but distinctive style. 

Eager to refine his skills, Aoki moved to Paris to train under Pastry Chef Stéphane Glacier, M.O.F., at l'École Patisseries & Gourmandises. During his time in France, he was able to experiment with new French trends, in addition mastering a wide-ranging repertoire of viennoiserie, wedding cakes, banquet and restaurant desserts, chocolate pralines, showpieces, sugar decorations. 

Aoki returned to Tokyo for a position at the Ritz-Carlton, followed by a stint at the hotel’s Toronto property. Continuing his work with the international hotel brand, he took the helm of the Ritz-Carlton in Doha, Qatar. Recently, Aoki won the hotel’s competition to develop a signature chocolate cake—his winning cake combined Valrhona chocolate and Grand Marnier. Aoki will put on his competition toque again in fall 2016, representing the Middle East region in the Valrhona C3 competition.