Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa of Takazawa - Biography

Tokyo, JP

June 2012

Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa grew up in a cooking family—for more than 40 years his parents owned the well loved neighborhood diner Maruyoshi—so there was little doubt he would enter the culinary world. After culinary school he worked at several yakitori shops, as well as the restaurants at the Park Hyatt hotel, Studio J and Restaurant J.

Reaching beyond mere culinary endeavors, Takazawa received his senior sommelier license at the age of 28—one of the youngest chefs in Japan’s history to receive the designation. When he opened Aronia de Takazawa in 2005, his popularity around the world blossomed; he has attended conferences in Spain and the Middle East, discussing Tokyo’s plentiful ingredients and unique techniques. But his core philosophies are still humble: Takazawa acknowledges Japanese chefs are “blessed” with the ability to buy amazing product, and he stresses they should think about cooking in terms of working with the products from the land.