Chef Vlad Ahmadyarov of Windsor Court Hotel - Biography

New Orleans, LA

January 2016

As a native Azerbaijani, Vlad Ahmadyarov became acquainted with Louisiana’s Creole cuisine long before stepping foot on Gulf soil. Ahmadyarov began working in the industry at 16 in his favorite uncle’s restaurants, and credits the early experience for inspiring him to become a chef. Years later, an American company came to Azerbaijan to opened Cajun and Tex Mex restaurants, and Ahmadyarov got his first taste of the cuisine. 

Ahmadyarov mastered the basics and after three years, and he earned the title of chef at both restaurants. The owner, a Louisiana native, had opened a new restaurant in Folsom, Louisiana, and invited Ahmadyarov to migrate to the states in 2000. He worked at Winners Circle for two years before moving to New Orleans to work at the Ritz-Carlton before transferring to the Ritz-Carlton in Boston after Hurricane Katrina.

Back in New Orleans, Ahmadyarov took on the role of executive chef at the city’s storied Windsor Court Hotel, where he oversees the hotel’s food and beverage operation. Ahmadyarov has grown as a chef in the Creole and Southern tradition and his philosophy is to only use the freshest of Gulf ingredients, including hyper local products from the farmers markets and neighboring farms.