Chef Tyson Ho of Arrogant Swine - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

February 2015

Chinese-American, Flushing, Queens, born Tyson Ho isn’t quite who you’d expect to be the herald of Carolina barbecue in New York City, but that’s just the mantle he’s taken. Having worked in fine dining in his youth, Ho initially left restaurants for college in Texas and a career in finance. A chance dinner at Hill Country BBQ in Manhattan changed his life. It wasn’t the same barbecue he’d enjoyed in his misspent collegiate days. Ho had an epiphany that any Southerner worth his pork rinds could’ve told him from day one: barbecue from different regions is different. Tired of finance, he set out to find his “own” regional style and fell in love at his first bite in North Carolina where he studied under Pit Master Ed Mitchell learning the nuances of Carolina whole hog technique. Ho now shares that passion–presenting a specific regional style, no interpretation, no stylizing–with the people of New York at his barbecue joint and beer hall, Arrogant Swine, in Bushwick, Brooklyn. And while it might be a roundabout journey with an unusual ambassador, it’s a welcome addition to New York’s growing landscape of meaty provisions.