Mixologist Troy Sidle of Alchemy Consulting - Biography

New York, NY

July 2011

Troy Sidle has a penchant for the technical aspects of bartending. When he’s crafting a cocktail, he relishes the details. And he utilizes the analytical skills developed in his previous, and seemingly incongruous, field of computer science for the arts of coffee and cocktails. Starting his career in Denver, Sidle discovered the elements of bartending that ignited his love for the craft—especially cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Upon moving to Chicago, Sidle was introduced to The Violet Hour, a bar that so resonated with him that Sidle sought out a position as barman.

Overlapping with his time at The Violet Hour, Sidle served coffee at Star Lounge Coffee Bar, a local boutique coffee roaster where Sidle picked up additional skills in the craft of artisanal beverages. He also staged at Chicago’s Achatz-temple, Alinea, where he soaked up the creativity and ingenuity of one of the most innovative restaurants in the world. Upon moving to New York City, Sidle conceptualized the augmented coffees and coffee cocktail program for Little Italy mixology standard, The Randolph. Currently, Sidle is head bartender at the The Counting Room in Brooklyn. And meanwhile, still very much in love with the craft—from its smallest details to its grand overall impact in the culture of food and drink—Sidle joined Toby Maloney and the Alchemy Consulting team, where he shares the love and wisdom of his career to date.