Chef Townsend Wentz of Oloroso - Biography

Philadelphia, PA

March 2019

Townsend Wentz began his culinary career while pursuing two degrees in Chemistry and Biology at Rutgers College. The lively, ever-moving kitchens acted as a pleasant escape from the monotonous lab work. Once graduating, he was given the opportunity to work at The Fountain at The Four Seasons under Chef Jean Marie Lacroix. Wentz stayed there for six years, mastering his technique, before following Lacroix to his new restaurant, The Rittenhouse, where he worked for four more years. Townsend took his first Executive Chef role at Twenty21 where he developed his culinary voice. 
He took the leap to New York City in 2008, cooking his way through the Marlen Abela Restaurant Corporation, Voce, and Morello Bistro, where he earned a “Very Good” rating in The New York Times. In 2014, Wentz decided to return to his stomping grounds to open his first restaurant, Townsend, a modern French bistro, in Philadelphia. With much positive reception and a “2016 Best Chef” Award from Philadelphia Magazine to boot, Wentz opened his second restaurant, now a Spanish tapas bar called Oloroso, in November. 2017.