Chef Tony Bezsylko of Cellar Door Provisions - Biography

Chicago, IL

September 2015

When Baker Tony Bezsylko lived in San Francisco, finding great bread was easy. But upon moving to Chicago, Bezsylko found that great bread was hard to find. The struggle to find that perfect loaf was so distressing that he stopped eating it altogether. This abstention, however, inspired Bezsylko to take matters into his own hands. After buying a copy of Tartine Bread, baking bread turned into an obsession. He eventually began sharing his creations with friends, who enjoyed the bread so much that they began paying him for weekly loaves.

Bezsylko teamed up with Chefs Ethan Pikas and Justin Behlke to open pop-up restaurant Thurk. The concept turned into Cellar Door Provisions, where the team aims to keep themselves and their community in touch with the multitude of ways people can celebrate and exalt ingredients that are naturally perfect.