Mixologist Tonia Guffey of Dram - Biography

New York, NY

March 2013

Tonia Guffey began her boozy career in her hometown of Orlando, Florida in 2002. She transferred her talents to New York City in 2005, where she became bar manager at Counter Organic Wine and Martini Bar. The introduction to organic spirits prompted Guffey to develop a serious interest in the cocktail craft. She soon passed the B.A.R. program in 2008 and began bartending at several NYC speakeasies, including Flatiron Lounge, Lani Kai, The Monkey Bar, and Gin Palace. When she’s not swigging Campari and soda on her nights off, she can be found at Williamsburg’s Dram, where she showcases her classic cocktail prowess. Craft aside, she loathes the term mixologist and prefers the title of bartender—which blends well with this dive bar lover-turned-bartender.