Rising Star Mixologist Todd Thrasher of Restaurant Eve - Biography

Alexandria, VA


Virginia native Todd Thrasher has a keen eye for translating seasonal local ingredients into cocktails. Thrasher’s well-rounded restaurant career began at age 15 when he began working in local kitchens. Feeling an immediate sense of comfort and ease, Thrasher knew he had found a home in the hospitality industry. After attending Virginia Commonwealth University for two years, Thrasher answered his true calling and took a bartending position at the Carlyle Grand Café. Four years later Thrasher moved on to a position as bartender at Gabriel in 1996, where he formed a pivotal relationship with Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong.

Soon after, Thrasher left Gabriel to open Café Atlantico, Thrasher spent six and a half years at Café Atlantico, managing and developing his skills as a “liquid savant.” Under the direction of Jose Andres, Thrasher experimented with an innovative cocktail menu and became interested in a Carribbean style of mixology including caipirinhas and caipiroscas. Thrasher adopted Andres’ spirit of innovation into an alta cocina attitude to mixology incorporating foams, hot and cold airs, and techniques from the savory kitchen. These creative touches and a well-honed palate prepared Thrasher for his next adventure with the Armstrongs across the Potomac in Alexandria: Restaurant Eve.

At Restaurant Eve, Thrasher has created a team of sommeliers that search the restaurant’s wine list with each guest’s entire order, making sure each bottle is chilled, corked, and ready as each dish approaches the table. Along with each pairing comes a brief commentary on the region and flavor, right down to the bottle used and why the label looks a certain way. All of these elements add to the intensity of this intimate dining experience. According to Thrasher, “when a guest remarks to me that they are unfamiliar with the wines on the list, I take that as the biggest compliment to the restaurant.” The dining experience at Restaurant Eve is completed by Thrasher’s relentlessly innovative cocktail menu, created with a unique blend of ingredients that changes with the season. In 2006, his creativity earned him a StarChefs.com D.C. Rising Star Mixologist Award.