Mixologist Todd Maul of Clio - Biography

Boston, MA

August 2011

Upstate New York native Todd Maul has given the better part of the last two decades of his personal and professional life to Boston, Massachusetts, and nearly all of those to the restaurant business. By now a thoroughly ensconced Boston community bartender, Maul’s career has taken him to Rialto at The Charles Hotel, the Boston Park Plaza, and the Four Seasons.

But before he dove fully into the deep end of bartending, Maul pursued another passion—furniture making—at Boston’s prestigious North Bennett Street School. And as his drinks career progressed, Maul began to recognize a resonance between the craft of furniture making (i.e., the need to understand your tools and products before attempting composition) and the craft of the cocktail.

His background in furniture makes Maul’s use of non-traditional bar tools (power drills, for instance, which he uses to drill into ice cube garnishes) seem less like showmanship and more like a craftsman simply using the best tool for the job. And the rule is the same for product; an early pioneer of culinary techniques and products in cocktails, Maul often scrounges through the kitchen for cocktail ingredients. Fortunately, Chef Ken Oringer (of Maul’s current upscale Boston home, Clio) is more than happy to give his head barman free reign. Creative license seems to be working for Maul. This year alone, he took home Boston Magazine’s “Best Bartender” award, and Clio was named “Best Cocktail Bar” by Improper Bostonian, who also put Maul in its “Best Bartender Hall of Fame”.