Chef Tim Dahl of Nostrano - Biography

Madison, Wisconsin

December 2010

Tim Dahl has worked in restaurants for nearly 20 years; the Madison, Wisconsin native started at age 15, and continued cooking through college while earning a hospitality and food science degree. Dahl had ten years of experience in the savory kitchen before switching over the pastry (when the bread guy at the bakery where he was working didn’t show up one day). Interest piqued, he headed to Kendall College for culinary school, and has been in pastry ever since.

After graduating, Dahl worked at Restaurant Magnus in Madison; his next position, as pastry sous chef at NoMi, brought him back to Chicago. A year later he took the pasty chef position at Naha, where he worked for 3 years (part of which was with his wife Elizabeth Dahl, also a pastry chef). He had always wanted to work at Blackbird, and working with Chef Paul Kahan (and Rising Star Chef Mike Sheerin) has been instrumental in developing his style. Dahl says that Kahan helped tighten up his desserts – and under his tutelage, Dahl made some of the most refined, creative, and exciting desserts in the city.

Today Dahl and his wife, Pastry Chef Elizabeth Dahl, can be found back in the kitchen of their new restaurant Nostrano. Located in Dahl’s hometown, Madison, the restaurant offers fresh, local food skillfully prepared by Dahl and hearty desserts from Mrs. Dahl.