Pastry Chef Thiago Silva of The General - Biography

New York, NY

August 2013

Brazilian-born and Queens-raised, Thiago Silva is all pastry chef. Baking since he was 13, Silva’s first exposure to professional pastry came during high school, when he entered Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) through which he interned at pastry temple Fauchon. After he graduated, he soon earned a position with his mentor, Pastry Chef Alfred Stephens of Olives. After three years at Olives, Silva moved on to Abe & Arthur, an EMM Group restaurant.

Demonstrating his talent, Silva has since become executive pastry chef for the group, overseeing dessert programs at Catch, The General, Lexington Brass, Abe & Arthur’s,and Catch Miami. A proud momma’s boy, Silva gleaned his worth ethic from his hard-working and persevering mother. But Silva also infuses a playfulness into his work. The menu at The General is Asian-inspired, so Silva created a spring-roll cheesecake with yuzu and Thai basil. He installed a hot doughnut station out front, as well. There’s also room for classic Brazilian flavors, such as coconut and condensed milk, on all Silva’s menus. And, of course, as an established top-tier cake-decorator, Silva is constantly striving to fabricate more adventurous cakes—complete with moving parts, fog machines, and confetti explosions.