Baker Steve Jones of The Bread Lab - Biography

Mount Vernon, WA

August 2014

Stephen Jones isn’t just your typical culinary leader, he’s an important constellation in the universe of sustainable cuisine. Director of the Washington State University Mount Vernon Research Center, Dr. Jones is a professional, highly technical wheat breeder, exploring the genetic and pragmatic past and future of wheat crops in a rapidly changing global and culinary environment.

A graduate of California State University with a Bachelor of Science, Jones went on to get his M.S. and then a Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of California, Davis. Jones not only teaches advanced classic genetics and the history of ethics and genetics, but, together with his graduate students, he breeds wheat and other grains for small farms in underserved areas of the Pacific Northwest. He also runs The Bread Lab, the only public laboratory in the United States devoted solely to craft milling and baking of non-commodity grains.

Whether he’s working on breeding improved wheat varieties (and other crops) for both traditional and organic systems, or using non-GMO use of wild species for wheat improvement, Jones is serious about farmer participation, and the affects of his work have been profound in a culinary world in transition.