Mixologist Stephanie Griber of Shoo-Fly Diner - Biography

Baltimore, MD

August 2014

Stephanie Griber is originally from Baltimore City, and the connection is strong. Griber’s traveled all over the world, but she keeps coming back home to Baltimore. And now, as the bar manager at Spike Gjerde’s newest local-sourcing mecca Shoo-Fly Diner, she’s not only working in her hometown, she’s expressing it.

Griber’s educational background is actually uniquely suited for her role at Shoo-Fly. She took classes in herbalism, then followed that up with a stint in business school. And while the two subjects don’t often meet, Griber found that a craft cocktail bar was the one platform where she could successfully ply both her strengths. 

Before starting at Shoo-Fly, Griber worked behind the bar at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore, also owned by Gjerde. It was at Woodberry that Griber learned more about cocktails, fermentation, preservation, sourcing, and the art of putting together an intensely local craft cocktail program. Griber transferred all the core principles of the local bar program at Woodberry to the bar at Shoo-Fly, where she only uses local ingredients in the cocktails, and lets her imagination fly, using nontraditional ingredients such as acidifiers and creating a wide variety of  tinctures.