Mixologist Shaun Layton of L’Abattoir - Biography

Vancouver, BC

June 2011

Regarded as one of Vancouver’s premier barmen, Shaun Layton has refined his palate in some of the world’s most renowned bars and lounges. His adventures on the cocktail trail have seen him competing in the U.K. and France, touring distilleries and cellars throughout Europe and the United States, and participating in internationally recognized seminars and bar education programs.

With a resume that spans some of Vancouver’s most notable restaurants and cocktail lounges, Layton has a decade of experience developing bar and staff education programs. His philosophy is grounded in a passion for the history and culture of cocktails, proper techniques and barware, and being able to turn out drinks with a touch of creativity and personal flare. Layton was recognized at the 21st Annual Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards as “Bartender of the Year.”