Chef Shane Devereux of The Lawrence - Biography

Atlanta, GA

September 2016

Shane Devereux discovered his passion for cooking as a child, nibbling on Vietnamese snacks like crispy pig ears in the kitchen of his family’s suburban Philadelphia home. Food was an important part of daily life, and Devereux was always around to help out in the kitchen.

Devereux fueled his passion for food by accepting a position of pantry cook at a local private club. Quickly realizing he had found a way of life, Devereux moved on to work for three of Philadelphia’s most respected certified French chefs: Dominique Filoni, Jean-Marie LaCroix, and Jean-François Taquet. Devereux not only developed a passion for French cuisine, but he also expanded his skills exponentially. At Filoni’s Bianca Restaurant in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Devereux worked his way from pantry cook to sous chef.

Devereux next moved to Atlanta to open Peasant Bistro. And after embedding himself in the local culinary scene, Devereux joined the team behind Top Flr, merging hip music and creative cuisine. As a sounding board for their future ventures, the crew launched Dinner Party Atlanta and later Sound Table. Moving to The Lawrence, he created a menu that combined the ingredients of his childhood with French technique, and his cooking landed him a place inn StarChefs 2012 class of Atlanta Rising Stars. Since June 2015, Devereux has been running his own consultancy company based in the Southeast, and hosts a pop-up called Monday Nights at DD.