Rising Star Brewer Scott Rudich of Round Guys Brewing Co. - Biography

Lansdale, PA

February 2013

Scott Rudich’s first legal beer purchase was a six-pack of Pete’s Wicked Ale, and though he bought as many craft beers as his college budget allowed, his wallet favored Old Milwaukee to esoteric imports. Despite his affinity for brews, Rudich earned a degree in biology from the University of Notre Dame and went on to a successful career in pharmaceuticals.

In 2000, Rudich first experimented with a home brew kit, but the results were so repulsive, he didn’t try again until 2009 with a partial boil, extract pale ale on his stove top. He’s been unstoppable since and launched Round Guys Brewing Co. in 2011 with partner Rich Liberto in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. The team made initial five-gallon batches in their garages, but in the Lansdale brew pub, DiLiberto and Rudich upped production levels to seven-barrel batches. Rudich is on a mission to perfect Belgian-style Tripels and sours, and beer lovers can drink Round Guys on tap at the pub and in some of Philadelphia’s best restaurants and bars. In 2013, he was awarded the Brewer Award for the 2013 Philadelphia Rising Stars.