Rising Star Mixologist Scott Baird of Trick Dog - Biography

San Francisco, California

August 2014

On the way to discovering his calling as a bartender, Bay Area native Scott Baird dabbled in other creative ventures—floral design, acting, and cooking, just to name a few. But Baird wanted to be a cook more than anything else. He got started bussing tables, washing dishes, and serving—eventually taking a post as a bartender (theoretically on his way to the kitchen).

Once Baird finally arrived on the line, he realized he couldn’t quite afford to the lead the “good life” on a cook’s salary. He found a sympathetic environment behind the bar—and tips, too—and planted his feet and future. Baird’s timing was perfect. He was getting into mixology at a time when flavors and ingredients were all undergoing a modernizing makeover, heavily influenced by chefs and their pantries and techniques. Baird was in the right place, as well, at César in Berkeley. Right next door to Chez Panisse, he was in the presence of one of the best spirits selections in San Francisco.

From César, Baird moved on to Coco500, and in 2008 he partnered with the original owners of 15 Romolo to revive the dying bar. Baird soon met Josh Harris, and the two began a productive partnership, revamping the Romolo menu and earning it a spot on Esquire’s 2010 “Best Bars in America.” In 2009, they co-founded the national cocktail consultancy Bon Vivants, making their talents available from coast to coast. In 2013, the Bon Vivants opened their own spot, Trick Dog, in San Francisco, earning them instant acclaim and a StarChefs.com Rising Stars Bartnder Award. Baird and Harris are currently working to open General Beverage Co., a retail shop selling a beverage-related tools and ingredients.