Chef Sam Jackson of KO Catering and Pies - Biography

Boston, MA

April 2012

Sam Jackson is an Australian chef who now calls South Boston home. Over the past 10 years he’s cooked his way from the kitchens of Europe to the galleys of some amazing yachts in the Caribbean and beyond. And while it might seem like a leap of faith, Jackson’s move into Southie has some of the savor of genius timing to it. “I couldn't think of a better time and place to bring Aussie food and a few personal favorites to the people of Boston!”

Jackson’s early memories of food revolve entirely around the home cooking of his grandmother (aka “Nana”). “It was a rotating selection of chicken, lamb, and pork with all the trimmings, bread and butter or chocolate pudding, and on special occasions, these little shortcrust mushrooms that were filled with strawberry jams, whipped cream, and a dusting of spice.”

Jackson isn’t—exactly—recreating his Nana’s food, but he is bringing the soul of that kind of cooking to a relatively underserved neighborhood with his Australian style tuck shop, KO Catering and Pies. Adored by expats (Brits, Aussies, and beyond), and warmly welcomed by Boston locals, KO embodies Jackson’s newfound philosophy, literally. The “KO” stands for both “knock out”—as in the food will absolutely knock your hunger out—and “ken oath”—Aussie slang for reaffirming your admiration for something, much like the way Jackson reaffirmed his love for the soulful food of heritage.