Rising Star Sommelier Sam Bogue of Ne Timeas Restaurant Group - Biography

San Francisco, CA

May 2019

Sam Bogue’s career stems from industrious but humble beginnings. At 14 years old he was bussing tables at the various cafes and diners around his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. Young Bogue hopscotched from busboy to ice cream shop manager to, eventually, glass polisher at Boulder’s renowned Frasca Food & Wine, which allowed for a bumping of elbows with famed sommelier Bobby Stuckey. It was there that Bogue first became enchanted by the vast world of wine. His last stop before leaving Boulder was at Pizzeria Local as part of the opening team. 

Bogue arrived in San Francisco in 2013, saturating the city with his resume. He landed a position serving and bartending at Quince before finding a home at Rising Stars alum Thomas McNaughton’s Flour + Water, a concept under the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group. Bogue went on to earn his sommelier certification, rising through the group—counting co-founder David White as a mentor—becoming wine director of all Ne Timeas’ concepts including Central Kitchen, Salumeria, Flour + Water, and, in May 2019, their first pizzeria concepts will be rolled out with a tight, fun, pretense-free wine list from Bogue.  

He also has a growing consulting business, Quench Wine, and has provided consultation for notable locales such as Al’s Place and Foxsister, and is consulting wine director for Alex Hong’s Sorrel. In 2015, Bogue was named among Zagat’s “30 Under 30.”