Rising Star Chef Sāsha Coleman of Tanám - Biography

Somerville, MA

August 2020

Chef and Restaurateur Ellie Tiglao connected with Sāsha Coleman, who was raised in the restaurant industry. Coleman’s grandfather is a restaurateur, and her father is a chef. Throughout her adolescence, she worked in her family’s Connecticut restaurants. Coleman moved to Boston to join the line at SRV, and also took business courses and did catering on the side. When she met Tiglao, Coleman jumped at the chance to join the Tanám team. She had been searching for opportunities to learn about marginalized foods, and it was rare to see it done by a woman of color. After doing a few festivals and catering events with Tiglao, Coleman recognized the potential for growth. Tiglao, Coleman,  and Bar Director Kyisha Davenport opened Tanám in 2019, with Coleman as chef and kitchen manager. The intimate Filipinx-American restaurant is focused on culture, storytelling, and guest experience. In addition to their à la carte menu, they have biweekly 5-course storytelling dinners and kamayan “eat with your hands” feasts. The Infatuation named Tanám one of 2019’s “Best New Restaurants,” The Boston Globe named it “Concept of the Year,” and Eater Boston honored it with the title of “Restaurant of the Year.”