Mixologist Ryan Liloia of Clover Club - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

August 2013

In the year 2000, against all odds, Ryan Liloia landed his first restaurant gig as busboy at a South Florida sports bar. Over the next decade he mastered this dead-end job and did nothing to advance a career, driven more by complacency than by passion.

In the year 2010, out of boredom, Liloia moved to New York City. He uncharacteristically went out on a limb and applied for a position that he was under-qualified for: barback. During the application process at Lani Kai, Liloia met Julie Reiner who hired him on the spot—as a busboy and food runner. Staying true to himself, he did a hell of a job. Liloia was blown away by the style and quality of the drinks at Lani Kai. He’d never seen fresh juices and lavish garnishes while South Florida-sports-bar-busing. A new feeling poured over Liloia: motivation. Within a year he was made bar-back.

Enter Mixologist Brian Miller. Miller and Liloia met at Lani Kai. Miller was immediately drawn to Liloia’s work ethic and personality and asked him to barback for his “Tiki Mondays with Miller.” Liloia was quick to oblige. Inspired by Miller and using Tiki Mondays as a launch pad, Liloia experienced a meteoric rise to bartender. With dedication and help from Miller, this unprecedented upwardly mobile career thrust in the life of Liloia landed him a bartending gig at Brooklyn’s cocktail mecca, Clover Club. Today, Liloia can be found slinging cocktails to the masses of thirsty Carrols Gardeners; he’s also an accomplished air-guitarist.