Ron Gansberg of Cascade Brewing Barrel House - Biography

Portland, OR

November 2011

Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg made his way to the beer industry from the wine industry. It’s not such a big leap when you see the beer style he’s become famous for: sours. Using local fruit picked at the peak of ripeness, Gansberg then blends it with the best beer Cascade ferments, and ages it in wine and bourbon barrels.

Gansberg’s beer brewing career began in 1986 at BridgePort Brewing Company, where for eight years he perfected the skills of a formidable brewmaster. At this point he moved into the equipment and engineering side of the industry. In 1998 he joined Cascade Brewery owner Art Larrance and eventually settled into the style of sour beers (avoiding the craze of hop-centric beers). With an abundance of local wine barrels and great regional fruit, sour beer seemed a natural for the brewery’s Portland home, and their success has led to Cascade Brewing being nicknamed the “House of Sour.”

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