Chef Rodolfo Guzman of Boragó - Biography

Vitacura , Santiago, Chile

May 2011

Rodolfo Guzmán is a chef, entrepreneur, and owner of Boragó in Santiago, Chile. After a stint as a member of the Andoni Luis Aduriz team at Mugaritz in Spain, Guzmán delved deep into the health sciences in an effort to understand human behavior through food and discover how food can help us lead healthier lives.

Guzmán has worked in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses at the Catholic University of Chile, specializing in microstructures, and has been an active participant in research teams comprised of neurologists, psychologists, nutritionists, and other specialists. He has also been a panelist and participant at various food conferences around the world. In addition to his consulting work, Guzmán leads health-related functional foods projects and hosts his own TV show for Chile's Canal 13 Cable Channel.

Guzmán’s cooking carries a personal touch based on products culled from the seas, forests, valleys, and mountains of Chile, carefully selecting what nature can provide at a given time. Guzmán uses the legacy of his Chilean forebears in his cuisine, even cooking on hot stones and smoking with native woods from all parts of Chile. Based on traditions held dear by Chileans and marked by the seasons, his cooking reclaims native preparations in a way that is untamed, rustic, indigenous, and innovative all at once.