Chef Rob Ruiz of Land & Water Co. - Biography

Carlsbad, CA

September 2017

An outspoken advocate for responsibly sourced and traceable seafood, Oceanside, California, native Rob Ruiz spent a decade honing his craft in Hawaii, where he worked with the James Beard award-winning Chef Alan Wong before earning an apprenticeship under Japanese sushi master Chef Etsuji Umezu. By 2014, Ruiz was back in San Diego and opening his first restaurant, The Land and Water Co. The menu is hyper-local with ethically raised ingredients, and it has earned Ruiz his first critical notices. Since returning to San Diego, Ruiz has also focused on the culinary community’s role in saving the endangered vaquita porpoise. The San Diego Tribune named Ruiz “Chef of the Year” in 2016 for his uncompromising commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation.Ruiz recently received global recognition for his dedication to improving fishing and seafood industry practices at the inaugural Ocean Awards in London, presented by the Blue Marine Foundation, Boat International Media, and Yacht Carbon Offset. Ruiz was the 2016 Ocean Award winner in the “Chef/Restaurateur” category for having the most outstanding commitment to ocean conservation and his ongoing mission to raise awareness and promote the consumption of environmentally friendly seafood.