Bartender Rob Krueger of Extra Fancy - Biography

Brooklyn, NY

September 2016

New York Bartender Robert Krueger was born just outside Portland, in Beaverton, Oregon. His stepfather was in the Navy, and by the time Krueger was in the third grade, his family had moved from Hawaii to Rhode Island to Virginia, where he completed high school. After graduating from Eugene Lang College at The New School in Manhattan, Krueger was told by an insightful friend that in order to be a proper human being, he should work in a restaurant.

Starting as a food runner, Krueger’s eventually made his way to Employees Only, where he rose from barback to bar manager. Krueger had become more than a “proper” human being—he was also the bar manager of Tales of the Cocktail’s “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” in 2011. Krueger went on to open Macao Trading Co., where he crossed paths with Bartender Mark Rancourt. The two would go on to open Extra Fancy in 2012, an upscale seafood shack with a stellar bar program in the heart of Williamsburg.

Krueger’s bar at Extra Fancy keeps things fast and fun. Guests can enjoy an aperitif after a refined coursed-out dinner with wine parings, or kickback on the patio slurping craft beers or Frosémonade. In just a few years, Extra Fancy has become a neighborhood staple, winning a “People’s Choice” award at Tales of the Cocktail in 2015, as well as receiving recognition in New York Magazine, Food & Wine, Time Out New York, and The Wall Street Journal. Krueger is also a consultant for Amaro Montenegro.