Brewer Rob DeMaria - Biography

February 2013

Having studied film in his early college years, Rob DeMaria always had an eye for seeing things differently. So naturally, when he made his first home brew, he played with the recipe and developed what would later become one of his summer favorites, a Belgian white ale brewed with chives. He continued developing beer recipes while working toward a business degree—all the while developed a loyal following for his beers.

In finishing his MBA, every homework assignment was done with a brewery business plan in mind. Finding a mentor in Chris Leonard, the owner of the local brew pub General Lafayette Inn & Brewery, DeMaria brewed under his watch to test the market. He sold his first beer in 2009, and less than six months later he began building a brewery of his very own. Prism Brewing Company opened for business in October 2010, less than a year from DeMaria’s first beer hitting the market.