Chef Ricky Moore of Saltbox Seafood Joint - Biography

Durham, NC

September 2013

North Carolinian Ricky Moore aspired to be an artist. But like most best laid plans, things didn’t work out that way. Moore’s family was always cooking and Moore found himself cooking, too—as part of the 82nd Airborn. After traveling the world with the military, Moore used the GI Bill and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1994. He’s a veteran of some of the most important kitchens of the past 20 years, such as Daniel and Tru.

Moore headed home and got back to basics by opening his own restaurant, Saltbox Seafood Joint—a pristine and well-equipped shack. The whole grilled fish and deep-fried broccoli—all served through a small window—are miracles of Moore’s Joint. The authenticity that trendy young urban chefs are searching for in their souls and kitchens is served in a cardboard dish in Durham.