Chef Richard Corbo of Arrosto - Biography

Port Chester, NY

December 2010

Chef Richard J. Corbo began his cooking career in Lincroft, New Jersey, working in front and in back of the house at the local Italian restaurant Il Giardinello. It is this experience that Corbo believes directed his trajectory into the culinary world. In 1999, Corbo moved to Boston to join Chefs Jason Santos and Andy Husbands at Tremont 647 to expand his repertoire beyond traditional Italian fare. From Boston, Corbo journeyed southward to New York to work under Chef Michael Romano at Union Square Café.

By the turn of the New Year of 2002, Corbo realized that he wanted to pursue substantial culinary training, and for the young Italian-American chef choosing a location was a no-brainer. He enrolled in The Culinary Institute of Florence, Italy, to fully embrace and study the cuisine of his ancestors. Upon graduation Corbo toured Northern Italy completing seminars and stages to further enhance the education only Italy could provide him.

Returning to the States, Corbo was almost immediately offered a position as executive chef of Slowly, a modern American bistro in his home state of New Jersey. Corbo’s work garnered high praise and in 2005 New Jersey Zagat Guide rated Slowly as one of the best new restaurants in the state.

Early in 2006, Corbo set his eyes westward and moved to California to work with Chef Gary Danko at his eponymous restaurant. Corbo was shortly after drafted to the team at Venetian-inspired Ducca at the Westin, San Francisco. As head chef Corbo combined rustic Italian fare with contemporary urban cuisine. Ducca earned a three-star rating from The Chronicle and Chef Corbo earned a reputation among the city’s elite chefs; he was named as one of the Chronicle's Five Rising Star Chefs in San Francisco of 2008.

Corbo left Ducca in 2009 to pursue a project on his home coast. Arrosto, an Italian restaurant owned by Godfrey Polistina, opened in November of 2010 in Port Chester, New York. A menu that boasts farm-to-table ingredients, fresh pasta, and homemade pizzas gives Corbo the perfect platform from which to showcase his perfected Italian technique.