Mixologist Ricardo Carpio of PiscoBar - Biography

Lima, Peru

June 2014

Ricardo Carpio loves pisco; it runs in his family. His grandfather, Armando Palacio Valdés, taught him and his whole family (friends, too) to enjoy and appreciate the national spirit of Peru. Ricardo studied hotel administration at San Martin Institute (class of 1993) and for 14 years worked in hotels, restaurants, bars, and night clubs in various operational and administrative positions. He opened the locally beloved PiscoBar in tribute to and in memory of his grandfather. At PiscoBar, Carpio offers pisco tasting to help guests discover their favorite and to learn the nuances of spirit. Though he prefers and recommends Pisco be sipped neat (chilled is ok, too), he mixes cocktails as well—please just don’t as for a pisco sour.