Rising Star Brewer Rauf Khoffner of Khoffner Brewery USA - Biography

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

March 2016

He may be new to South Florida, but Rauf Khoffner’s roots in brewing trace back three generations. Khoffner’s German grandfather set up beer production facilities in Greece and Turkey in the early 1930s. Settling in Turkey, the family name became synonymous with high-quality, traditional beer styles. Khoffner’s father ran the business for 40 years, with young Rauf cleaning tanks and sweeping floors as a kid (Khoffner’s access to the brewery made him the most popular kid in middle school).  The first of his family born in Turkey, Khoffner learned to brew according to the centuries-old German Beer Purity Law and later, at age 18, traveled the world to study beer production. He entered the craft and continued his family’s proud tradition of brewing until the Turkish government canceled the brewery’s license in 2012 amid a cultural, religious shift away from alcohol consumption. 

With his brewery forced to close, Khoffner moved to the United States and continued to study beer production with visits to some of the nation’s top brewmasters. In 2015, he was ready to reopen Khoffner Brewery—this time as Khoffner Brewery USA—with partner Evan Kagan. Recently launched in Fort Lauderdale, Khoffner combines his grandfather’s recipes and his father’s Old World techniques with an eagerness to share and experiment in a way he could never have imagined back in Turkey or Germany.