Rising Star Restaurateur Randy Alonso of Lost Boy Dry Goods - Biography

Miami, FL

February 2021

The story of Lost Boy Dry Goods by Restaurateurs Randy Alonso and Chris Hudnall starts with the Downtown Miami neighborhood. In 1965, Alonso's father fled Cuba, where he owned a department store. He and Alonso's grandfather opened the store in a cavernous building on Flagler Street, steps away from where Lost Boy stands today.
Alonso studied engineering at Duke University but entered the family business in 2006. With a vision to build the neighborhood, he opened Lost Boy Dry Goods, a second store down the block that sold denim and cowboy boots. When the retail landscape changed, the family closed both stores. But after putting in so much work to make Downtown Miami a destination, Alonso didn't want to give up the denim shop space or the name. He'd always dreamed of having a bar but didn't know the business.

Hudnall and Alonso founded Lost Boy in 2018, intending to become the neighborhood bar for people who love well-made cocktails and beer. Their next venture is a gin and tapas bar/restaurant, Tropez√≥n, coming this spring, in addition to six other openings scheduled through 2021.