Rising Star Chef Philippe Rispoli of PB Boulangerie - Biography

South Wellfleet, MA

November 2011

Chef Philippe Rispoli hails from Vilette d’Anton, a village just outside of Lyon, the culinary capital of France. He began his apprenticeship at the age of 14, at L’Auberge du Pont de Jonc and in time went on to work in the kitchen with Chef Pierre Orsi. He also worked at Les Eaux Vive, Villa Florentin, and Paul Bocuse before making his US debut on the West Coast in 1999.

The opportunity to live and work in Cannes drew Rispoli to legendary kitchens of the Côte d’Azur. From the Hotel Martinez under Chef Christian Willer, and then just a few steps down the croisette to the Carlton Hotel’s Bel Otero under Chef Francis Chevaux, he absorbed the region’s Provençal influences, seasonal ingredients and Mediterranean flavors.

Like many great chefs, Rispoli’s earliest food memories and lessons in the kitchen come from his mother and grandmother. Rispoli first arrived on the West Coast in 1999 when he appointed the executive chef at The Mansion at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.. He went on to become executive chef for Charlie Palmer’s Aureole, learning another style of cooking and an appreciation for Palmer’s refreshing simplicity and purity of flavors.

In spring 2005, Philippe Rispoli and Daniel Boulud unveiled their first culinary venture together in Las Vegas: Daniel Boulud Brasserie at Wynn Las Vegas. Rispoli oversaw the restaurant on a daily basis as executive chef with Boulud as his guiding force. Rispoli’s strong relationship with Boulud and shared vision for the restaurant allowed the two chefs to create a menu that both paid homage to their French roots, and gracefully reinterpreted traditional brasserie classics. The two chefs shared the same roots, palate and dedication to producing consistently delicious food. This unity of mind, taste and talent was evident in the relationship between Boulud and Rispoli. The two met when Rispoli, having been recommended by Pierre Orsi, one of France’s most admired chefs, was sent to work for Boulud at DANIEL in New York in 1996. At DANIEL, he worked his way through every station of the kitchen, proving his talent and devotion, and remained until 1999.

When asked what he most loves to eat, Chef Rispoli closes his eyes and smiles in a manner that reveals he is dreaming of a favorite far away place: home. He is quick to respond that his favorite food is charcuterie of every possible shape and style. This is hardly surprising for a young man from Lyon, which is both France’s culinary capital and home to the world’s finest charcuterie.

Currently, at the popular PB Boulangerie in South Wellfleet, Rispoli and his right hand man, Sous Chef Simon Rouget, bring years of Michelin-starred fine-dining experience to their family-friendly Cape Cod bakery-bistro.