Rising Star Chef Philip Krajeck of Rolf and Daughters - Biography

Nashville, TN

February 2014

The son of a NATO employee, Philip Krajeck moved to Brussels when he was 10—impressionable and hungry, with a relatively unadulterated palate. The city and its endless charcuteries, patisseries, and farmers markets worked their magic on the young Krajeck, showing him what a life lived in good food could look like.

When Krajeck returned to the southern United States to attend college, he was shocked at the lack of food options and the comparatively underdeveloped artisan culture. So he hopped a plane to Switzerland, where he attended hotelier school, moonlighted at a nearby kitchen, and voraciously read cookbooks.

Doggedly pursuing excellence in his own cuisine, Krajeck excelled in stages at some of the world’s best kitchens. And he received early and repeated acclaim for his efforts. While chef de cuisine at the Water Color Inn & Resort’s Fish Out of Water in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, he earned four James Beard Award nominations before his 35th birthday.

Krajeck opened Rolf & Daughters in Nashville in 2012, blending his European training and uncompromising attention to detail to make plates that are honest and unabashedly full-flavored. Krajeck has that something extra—a knack for pushing ingredients far beyond their average capacity for good. And the country is taking notice: since opening, Rolf & Daughters has earned n “Best New Restaurant” nods from Esquire and Bon Appétit; and Krajeck earned a 2014 Kentucky-Tennessee Rising Stars Award.