Brewer Peter Hepp of Birreria - Biography

New York, NY

April 2013

Growing up in Alabama, Brewer Peter Hepp demonstrated his fascination with fermentation at an early age, brewing a batch of beer for a high school science project. Even leaving his hometown of Westover for an overseas posting in the Navy didn’t deter him from continuing to brew, much to the delight of his fellow sailors. Stationed in the Middle East, he developed a reputation for his ability to produce beer through improvised McGyver-style set-ups.

Once he finished his active duty, Hepp bypassed culinary programs and professional training and chose instead to move to New York City, where he jumped right into professional brewing. He landed at Mario Batali’s celebrated Eataly, working under head brewer Brooks Carretta, before ascending to the leadership position himself. At Birreria, Hepp works with the head brewers of Dogfish Head, Birra Baladin, and Birra del Borgo to produce everything from American Pale Ales to English Dark and Mild’s, to an Italian chestnut ale named Wanda.

When he’s not blending up other people’s suds, Hepp revels in Alabama-style barbecue and Schneider Weisse Tap 7, a Bavarian wheat beer.