Sommelier Paul Einbund of Frances - Biography

San Francisco, CA

September 2011

Paul Einbund has been in the restaurant business since the tender age of 18, but a stint as a sommelier at the luxe, service-oriented Water Grill in downtown Los Angeles changed his life forever. Einbund became a wine-loving traveler, trekking first to the world-class cellar at Melisse in Santa Monica and then up to San Francisco in 2004. There he opened Tartare with celebrated Chef George Marrone. He then moved to Chef Daniel Patterson’s Coi, and was part of the team that won the restaurant its two Michelin stars.

Einbund holds several certifications in food and wine, but he believes his travels to the world’s important wine regions have been his greatest teaching tools. “Reading is good, tasting is huge, but walking the vineyard and meeting the people is how I really get to know a wine.” He consulted for the Slanted Door Restaurant Group, including all of the group’s Out the Door locations and Heaven's Dog. Einbund now works for Frances restaurant, which has since earned its first Michelin star.

He has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle and the North Beach Press as a top Bay Area sommelier and was named “Best Sommelier in the Bay Area 2010” by SF Weekly. Einbund’s life is devoted to the demystification of and education about all that which we love to imbibe. Current obsessions include Chartreuse, Madeira, coffee, and Spanish brandy.