Brewer Paul Auclair of Deep River Brewing Company - Biography

Clayton, NC

December 2013

Paul Auclair’s passion for his trade as craft brewer is obvious in the fun and flavorful beer varieties found at Deep River Brewing Co. in Clayton, North Carolina. These range from Double D’s Watermelon Lager made with Johnston County melons, to their 4042 Milk Stout that’s soaked in cocoa nibs to derive its literal chocolateness. Auclair is the brewer and his wife Lynn is the businesswoman behind the beer, but they’re both engineers who designed and installed Deep River’s massive brew system mostly on their own. Originally from up-state New York, Auclair’s brewery is Johnston County’s first (the county was formerly dry). Shortly after opening their taproom, native Carolinians brought it to the Auclair’s attention that Deep River was merely the first LEGAL brewery in the county. The couple quickly and cleverly amended the tagline on their merchandise with a red carrot pointing up to the word “Legal” written in red before “Brewery.”