Pastry Chef Patrick Wellman of Coquette - Biography

New Orleans, LA

January 2016

New Orleans is home for Patrick Wellman. His mother and sister live there. It’s where he was born. It’s where he found his professional calling. But when he was 10 months old, his family moved away, and during the years before he returned to his hometown to cook, Wellman lived in Connecticut, New Jersey, Zurich, Virginia,  Moscow, Minnesota, and Geneva. 

It was during a period of existential woe in Miami that Wellman decided to take the fork in the road that led back to New Orleans. He was working in guest services at the Ritz-Carlton and W Hotel in South Beach. Though the work was a well paying breeze and he spent much time in the sunshine, Wellman felt unfulfilled. 

In a concerted effort to improve his happiness quotient, Wellman moved to New Orleans and picked up a cashier gig at Rare Cuts. That eventually led to hosting, coordinating, and grilling for private events. Wellman then transitioned to cooking on the line at Emeril Lagasse’s Nola, where he ultimately realizing his passion for pastry. Enamored of its precision, science, and expressiveness, Wellman next took on a pastry position at Alon Shaya’s Pizza Domenica, where he gained technical acumen. In 2015, he joined the team at Coquette, where he worked closely with Pastry Chef Zak Miller. When Miller departed, Wellman took over and came into his own as a pastry chef, making desserts that speak to New Orleans and the long route he took to get back home.