Chef Patrick Roney of Oakroom at the Seelbach Hilton - Biography

Louisville, KY

January 2014

For Patrick Roney, a childhood rich with memories became fuel for a career. From sitting in his mother’s garden with a sun-ripened tomato and a salt shaker to spending summers in Canada with his father, fishing and cooking the day’s catch on the shore, Roney’s memories shaped him into the kind of chef he is today.

His travels shaped him too. Roney’s career has seen many sides of the industry, and many regions of the world. Roney has worked in an Arizona brewpub and spent a summer cooking in Grand Teton National Park—all before he got down to business with his career and attended the Culinary Institute of America, for which he graduated in 1997. He dabbled for a few years in the San Francisco culinary scene and set sail aboard Luxury Private Yachts to ports of call around the globe. While aboard the yacht he and his wife chartered, Roney was named “Best Charter Chef” by Yachting Magazine, and he won “Best Charter Chef New England” in 2009.

No doubt yearning for the camaraderie of the kitchen, and maybe some steadier ground, Roney and his wife left their maritime life behind to settle in Louisville. Now at the helm of The Oakroom at The Seelbach Hotel, Roney is back to loving local product at its most seasonally perfect, creating cuisine that’s at once regionally faithful and creatively progressive.