Butcher Patrick Davidson of Bare Bones Butcher - Biography

Nashville, TN

May 2022

Davidson, who grew up in Arkansas, left his small town to attend Duke University. He relocated to Boulder, Colorado after graduation and took a job in the Whole Foods meat department. Davidson enjoyed it so much that he enrolled at Johnson & Wales University, Denver Campus and shortly after he received his diploma, moved to his wife’s hometown of New York City. Davidson briefly cooked at farm-to-table restaurant Left Bank but missed the South and wanted to move closer to family. He and his wife decided Nashville was a good compromise between their two home states. 

Both co-managers at Porter Road Butcher, Wesley Adams and Davidson shared the same dream—to open their own community-driven, neighborhood meat market. When the Porter Road brick and mortar closed in 2016, the duo joined forces to open Bare Bones Butcher, a whole animal butcher shop that supplies cuts from local farms and sandwiches made from their house-cured meats. Together they’ve built a comprehensive training program to help bring up the next generation of young butchers.