Chef Pascal Barbot of Astrance - Biography

Paris, France

August 2010

From the age of seven, Pascal Barbot knew he wanted to be a chef. Raised in the small town of Auvergne in central France, he spent time harvesting vegetables in his father’s garden and watching his parents prepare traditional regional cuisine.

As a young culinary student and an avid traveler, Barbot began his hands-on education at some of the top restaurants in Europe and Australia. His early training included stints at Maxim’s in Paris, Clave in Claremont-Ferrand, Les Saveurs in London, and Troisgros in Roanne. He then worked with mentor Chef Alain Passard at L’Arpège, who, over the course of a five-year working relationship, taught him to respect the most basic of products. It was during that time that he met Christophe Rohat, with whom he partnered to open Astrance in July of 2000. Astrance turned out to be a culinary force in the Parisian restaurant scene receiving its first Michelin star after only one year, the second star in 2005, and the third in 2007. Barbot earned the prestigious Best Cook in France award in 2005.

Recent projects include his contribution in 2009 to the elegant and informative cookbook Dashi and Umami: The Heart of Japanese Cuisine. In 2010 Barbot made his screen debut in the French television serial “Inventing Cuisine” which offers viewers a glimpse into the kitchens of the best restaurants in France.